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Dangond Pediatrics

Pediatrician located in Miami, FL

Before a child enters school or begins playing a sport, they may need a complete physical examination. Dangond Pediatrics offers physicals to children in Miami, Florida. Parents interested in scheduling a physical should contact Dangond Pediatrics to make an appointment.

Physical Q & A

What is a physical?

A physical exam is a thorough examination conducted by a licensed physician. The purpose of this exam is to screen for serious health problems and ensure that a child is physically capable of participating in certain activities. Many physicals also involve a review of the child’s vaccination status to ensure that it’s up-to-date.

What happens during a physical exam?

A parent can request a physical exam by contacting the scheduling staff at Dangond Pediatrics. During the appointment, a member of the staff at Dangond Pediatrics typically begins by checking the child’s height and weight. The staff member also takes the patient’s temperature, measures their heart rate, and checks their blood pressure.

After the patient’s vital signs are recorded, our doctors perform a thorough physical examination of the patient. We may palpate different parts of the body, ask the child to complete simple tasks, listen to the child’s heart and lungs, and ask questions about specific symptoms. He also reviews the child’s vaccination record to see if additional immunizations are necessary.

At the end of a physical appointment, our doctors usually provide the parent with a form that details the results of the physical.

Are physicals painful?

A physical exam isn’t usually painful for the child. If the child receives vaccinations during the appointment, though, they may experience temporary discomfort during the shot.

What if the results of the physical aren’t normal?

If our doctors notice something worrisome during a physical exam, we order further testing to identify the problem. Depending on the issue discovered, we may order blood work, imaging tests, and an appointment with a specialist. After our doctors diagnose the problem, he may recommend treatment options and restrictions on the patient’s activities.

How quickly can patients get an appointment for a physical?

Schools and other organizations often require children to turn in the results of a physical before a specific deadline. As soon as parents know their child needs a physical, they should make an appointment with Dangond Pediatrics to complete the exam before the deadline.

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